India to play a one-off test in England

India will play a one-off test in England in the summer of 2022. The decision has been taken up by the Board of Council for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). The test match will replace the one which was scheduled to take place in September which was abandoned.

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However, it is still not clear whether the test will be a standalone one or will it be a part of the five match test series where India are currently leading by 2-1. It will avert the majority of financial losses incurred by the ECB due to the abandonment in Manchester.

England are due to play three ODIs and as many T20s in England in July 2022. Earlier it was discussed that two T20s will make way for the test match. However, it is now reported that the Test match will be played without affecting the limited over matches. It is understood that both parties have agreed to make space for the test and it is highly possible that the test match will be a part of the five match test series which started in August.

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The fifth test was scheduled to take place from September 10-14. However, Virat Kohli and co refused to take the field on the morning of Day 1 due to covid-19 outbreak in the Indian camp. It all started when head coach Ravi Shastri, bowling coach Bharat Arun, fielding coach R Sridhar and physio Nitin tested positive for covid-19 during the Oval test. However, situations became worse when junior physio Parmar also tested positive on the eve of the fifth test match. Parmar was in close contact with most of the Indian players 48 hours before the start of the match. None of the players tested positive but there was a sense of fear that they might contact it after the incubation period is over.

Indian players informed BCCI that they will not take the field. ECB insisted BCCI to forfeit the test but the players disagreed. If the fifth Test had been forfeited, it would have made the ECB eligible to claim for losses from their Indian counterparts.

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